Poweroak's premium brand

Brand Orientation

Focusing on R&D and innovation and exploring forward, Poweroak has aimed to build a global leading brand in the field of energy storage and provide customers with overall energy storage solutions. Now there are our three major product series: portable and emergency power sources, power supply from household solar energy storage and commercial photovoltaic energy storage, with our customer groups cover more than 100 countries and regions, such as the United States, Japan, the European Union and Australia, etc.


Brand development

Focusing on R&D and innovation and exploring forward, Poweroak has aimed to build a global On August 27, 2019, the trademark BLUETTI was registered in United States. The brand is positioned as a portable global energy storage brand, and the product attributes are categorized as consumer electronics. In 2020, BLUETTI products have been extended from portable to household solar energy storage and commercial photovoltaic energy storage. In the same year, BLUETTI's local brand was officially launched.



Poweroak was established and launched the industry's first solar portable energy storage power bank PS10B.


Poweroak rolled out the household, medium-sized commercial photovoltaic energy storage solutions, creating a comprehensive product line of portable, household and commercial series, becoming strategic partners of Samsung and LG,and founding a Japanese branch.


The area and the number of empoyees got doubled increased. The production capacity has been further expanded to designate exclusive agents of Poweroak brand in German and UK.


The company’s sales area expanded to Australia, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, with a sales growth of 260% .


In 2017, we passed three traditional standard system and TS16949 certification test, R&D investment has been increased to 15 million, a full-automatic production line for electric vehicle battery has been put into trial.


Poweroak continued to maintain high R&D investment, keeping the leading role in industry, complete the product matrix and increase efforts to build global influences of Bluetti, with overseas market and service network establishment.


On Oct. 27th new overseas brand strategy has been implemented, sub-brand BLUETTI trademark was registered in USA. On Nov. 7th, the local brand Boludi was launched.


Emphasizing social commonweal and social responsibility, Poweroak was received a certificate of appreciation sent by Mr. Li Ming, Director of the UNESCO Innovation Center for Higher Education.

Our Culture

Let the world see a more Eco-Friendly future

To be a century-old enterprise, to create an internationally famous brand of energy storage, to sustainably promote and develop the storage of the green, healthy energy, and to let the world see a more Eco-Friendly future.

Dedicate to bringing a better world for humanbeing

Always dedicate to R&D of technology and material to bring convenient electricity using everywhere.

Professionalism, Pragmatism Reliability and Quality

Having been gathered more than ten years of experience in energy storage, we work solidaly and step by step to provide customers with professional, stable and reliable energy storage products and services. We orient to be an honest and trustworthy enterprise.

Excelsior, Craftsman Spirit

In every link of R&D, production, sales and service, we strive to provide customers with the best products, following 4R Theory and establishing proactive relationship with customers.