R & D strength


/per year

The annual average R&D investment amounts to 15 million yuan


R & D Engineers

R&D team of the company has more than 100 staff members


graduate degrees

More than 60% of the R&D team members have graduate degrees



The company has more than ten years of R&D experience in energy storage technology.

Core Technologies

On/Off Grid Inverter

Power frequency, high frequency, bidirectional integration, high power and low consumption.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis Upgrade

The system can interact with the server through 4G or WiFi. Users can access the server via web pages or mobile phone apps to get system data. The server will save all user data, and users can query and analyze the historical data of their own devices. Operators can upgrade the software version of the specified devices via web or smartphone apps. LCIA has many applications, high per capita output value and high comprehensive efficiency of equipment.

Battery energy management and protection

a.High-precision voltage/temperature sampling.

b.High-precision estimation of SOC and SOH.

c.Non-loss 3A high current equalizes battery voltage, prolongs battery life.

d.The high reliability of on/off control scheme ensures the high stability and security of the system.

e.It has the function of self-diagnosing system failures.

f.Estimate single-string SOC and battery internal resistance, and analyze the function of battery short board.

g.Intelligent management of high/low temperature.

h.Detecting leakage of battery insulation, high safety.

i.It has a variety of serial products.

We offer widely used in the market BMS with active equalized high current and with passive equalized small current.

Photovoltaic charger

On-grid frequency capture and real-time track technology, phase-locked technology and on-grid charging and discharging technology.


4000kwh / day

In 2020, the production capacity reaches 4000kwh / day

Implementation of a world-class manufacturing plant

Lean / Automation / Informatization / Intelligence

High reliability

The product is of high quality, and the equipment has few malfunctions.

High productivity

It has the advantages of high balance rate of production line, more application of simple automation (LCIA), high per capita output value and high comprehensive efficiency of equipment.

High flexibility

It is suitable for multi variety and small batch production mode, cell unit production, and the time of model change and production change is extremely short.

Low cost

Low cost of hardware investment, low cost of upgrading, low inventory and fast turnover.

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